Wireless Waiter Service Queuing Call System Receiver

Wireless Waiter Service Queuing Call System Receiver Host w/ Voice Broadcast
Calling System

Sometimes receives guests complained, wait a service for a long time or can not find a service.
This calling system applies powerful CPU processing and high-sensitivity radio receiving technology with embedded high quality human voice ship.
It has stable and reliable performance, strong anti-jamming capability with touch button design, excellent operation experience and a high cost performance.
It is widely used in the calling service of Chinese and Western restaurants, bars, cafes,
tea houses, leisure club, sauna center, KTV, chess room, hospitals, hotel rooms,
institutions and residential buildings and other places.

Wireless Waiter Service Queuing Call System Receiver Host w/ Voice Broadcast

433MHz Wireless Waiter Service Queuing Call System Receiver Host For Coffee Hotel Hospital with Voice Broadcast Calendar Display Product Description

This receiver host has advanced number speaker function, can clearly read the number, function, room number and so on and suitable for different places. The receiver adopts learning code technology which can be paired easily and freely.


LED screen, eye catching, working and function status could be displayed at high definition
Microcomputer high-speed processing technology
Voice guide on whole operation, voice broadcast
Independent storage memory avoiding data lost
High receive sensitivity
Beautiful and fashionable designing
With calendar display

Receiving sensitivity: -105dBm
Encoding: million group registration
Power supply: DC12V1A
Reception band: 433MHz
Antenna type: external antenna
Max number connected to pager: 500 pager
Support room number: 0001-9999, A001-F999
Transmission distance: 500 meter(open area)
Working temperature: -20 Celsius to 55 Celsius
Display type: English letter, number, English letter + number
Size: 26.7*19.1*8.1cm / 10.5*7.5*3.2 in
Weight: 784g / 27.7oz
Cafes, supermarkets, tea house, coffee shop, drink shop, bar,
restaurant, hotel, hospital wards, emergency center, clinic, nursing home,
rehabilitation center, government departments, stadiums, industrial factory workshop,
office, nightclub, KTV, disco, golf club, leisure clubs, billiard room, swimming hall,
bowling alley.

Calling Bell Transmitter
Size 60*60*27mm
Wireless coding PT1527, EV2262
Frequency 433MHz
Wireless distance 100M in open area
Button One call button

package include:

1 x wireless calling system
15X Calling Bell Transmitter
1x uk power supply
2x screws
1x user manual

wireless waiter system : ideally device can help in busy environment for restaurant pop, club and VIP service, even can be used in special places like elderly home. simply function and easy to installation an support up to 999 wireless services.


Price: £200.00


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